Finally truly proud of my name and … stories and dance!!

When I was a little girl, I always felt my name Ruth sounded like an old librarian. It was one syllable and it just stopped. Nothing lyrical about it. I loved its meaning though- “Beloved Friend,” and felt I wanted to live up to that calling. And during my childhood, I had to be a grown up pretty early on and felt my little girl time had been truncated. As I got older, I chose to be called Ruthie, two syllables, with a bit of a melody and a way to honor my inner child. It also keeps a part of me forever young.

Today, I could never be prouder of my name, Ruth. I am devastated of the news of the passing of the greatest Ruth of my lifetime. Whenever I hear “Ruth” spoken, it will always act like a bell ringing, reminding me to aspire toward the grace, integrity, strength, emotional intelligence and right-mindedness of the incomparable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. There are no words to thank her enough for being who she was and doing all she did. I feel so grateful and lucky that every time someone calls me Ruth, instead of Ruthie, I will no longer cringe as I used to; rather I shall pause, and inhale the image of my hero, and Beloved Friend to us all.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg loved the Arts, and especially opera. With all of her superior intellect, the Arts (and music especially) must have been a way to reconnect with her heart and body, as well as her big brain. Because all of her work integrated all three centers of intelligence- Head, Heart, and Body.

I, too, love the Arts.

Years ago, I became familiar with the Evanston Dance Ensemble. They are a troupe of young dancers with incredible artistic direction, creative production values, excellent choreography and joie de vivre when they dance, that lifts my spirits whenever I attend their productions. We all need our spirits lifted these days. I tell all my friends who love dance all about them.

Evanston dance Ensemble is doing a fundraiser of story-telling this coming Saturday, September 26th, and I will be one of the story-tellers performing live. When you buy tickets for the performance, it will be live streamed right to your home, for the benefit of the dance company. Your support will help this great young ensemble survive these extraordinary times. I have never told a story of my own on stage. I hope it will be great fun for all. Connect with your own head, heart and body and JOIN US. To learn more click here.

Also, for those of you who missed my free presentation in Beaufort, South Carolina, last week at the Low Country Book Club Convention, sponsored by the Pat Conroy Foundation and Pulpwood Queens, you can watch the recording now. For more info on the event and the other best selling authors who presented click here. Or watch: (You might want to fast forward a minute or so…)

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  1. Thank you for this. Makes me think of 2 other wonderful Ruths in my life besides you and RBG. Plus, I do love the story of Ruth in the Bible. God bless you real good today.

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