“Whereas I am the king of content, Ruthie is the princess of process. But now in Beyond the Book Club she has combined content and process in a double helix, interactional manner and has become an alchemist of experiential learning, tendering transformation through her reflections and exercises.   Gathering material from her many workshops, Ruthie has put together a magician’s manual to bring about personal understanding and change. While the activities she offers are intended for and enhanced by a group setting, they can also be done by one’s self. Thanks, Ruthie, for this user-friendly compendium of thoughts and practices.” – Jerry Wagner, Ph.D. is the author of the Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles, Nine Lenses on the World: the Enneagram Perspective, and the Wagner Enneagram Personality Style Scales (WEPSS)

“This is a book for seekers who both pursue information and then want to act on it. Ruthie Landis has created an innovative and comprehensive structured way to read oneself like a book and then make the changes needed for transformation and freedom. Relying on ancient maps of consciousness such as the Enneagram and other source materials, Landis’ book is filled with wisdom and effective methods for self-transformation. A master of storytelling and a superb teacher she guides the reader on a journey of self -liberation requiring self-observation and self-disclosure. This is not an ordinary book nor will it produce ordinary results.“  – Jose Luis Stevens is the author of Awaken The Inner Shaman, Encounters With Power, and The Power Path. He is the founder of The Power Path and The Power Path School of Shamanism

“There is a need today that many sense, but few see clearly. Even fewer have done the necessary inner work to intelligently and actively address that need. Ruthie Landis is one of those few. For years now she has been engaged in skillfully building conscious community. Whether it is book clubs, seminars, counseling, teaching, learning together, or simply sitting in stillness, she recognizes that our innate potentials are magnified when we find ourselves harmoniously in each other’s presence. Her new book, Beyond the Bookclub, and the tools it provides is a wonderful gift and the natural outcome of her years of work.” – Tim Boyd is President of the International Theosophical Society and an inspirational Teacher and Lecturer

Beyond the Book Club is more than a handbook for personal evolution. It’s also a wealth of resources to support any change-maker leading a community of introspective activists, something desperately needed in today’s challenging times. Written with a reverence for the wisdom of the integral self, the Enneagram and the natural and creative world, the reader is able to explore their human experience through a diverse exploration of perspectives. Ruthie expertly guides the reader using a heartfelt narrative, a grounded sense of humor and an ability to gently dig deep into the tough questions we all need to ask to consciously evolve. Throughout the book, I often felt as if I was engaging in an intimate and meaningful conversation with Ruthie herself, allowing me to reflect on my own vulnerabilities with compassion. As Ruthie writes: “We read books to learn more and expand our consciousness and perspective. We read ourselves to do the same. We must commit to shining light in the dark places of our psyche.” Fortunately for us, Ruthie has provided us with a personal torch in Beyond the Bookclub to illuminate our way in taking action toward positive transformation.” Emanuel Kuntzelman, philosopher, writer, public speaker, social entrepreneur and founder and president of the Chicago-based non-profit Greenheart International, and a founder of the Global Purpose Movement. He is the author of Riding the Wave of Global Purpose and contributing author and editor of Purpose Rising: A Global Movement of Transformation and Meaning

“An offbeat, inspired self-help handbook that recreates the experiences of unusual book clubs/workshops. Filtered through the Enneagram’s system of personality styles the book offers many wise insights and useful practices for growing and changing for the better. And Landis writes in a personable chatty tone that functions like an encouraging friend happy for the progress you will make.” – Thomas Condon, teacher, and author of The Dynamic Enneagram

“At a time when so many of us are looking for a sense of purpose and meaning this timely book provides a roadmap and effective tools to support us to transform ourselves and reach our full potential. In Beyond the Bookclub: We Are The Books We Must Read, Ruthie Landis uses the power of story and experiential activities to help the readers consciously explore how to navigate through many of life’s challenges in an effective and meaningful way.” – Katia Petersen PhD is a two-time Emmy award recipient, clinical psychotherapist, motivational speaker, author, and former Executive Director of Education at the Institute of Noetic Sciences