Creativity and Sharing an Authentic Vision and Presence

Executive coaching achieves the following benefits:

  • Formulate, articulate and realize your authentic vision
  • Recognize and express your core values freely and clearly
  • Communicate effectively through stature, gesture, body language, eye contact, and vocal nuance
  • Define your personal and professional challenges and perceive see them as growth opportunities
  • Maximize your use of energy and minimize effort
  • Live and work with intention and purpose
  • Be more present, spontaneous, and intuitive
  • Practice self-observation and your ability to “read” others
  • Exude a relaxed, focused, confident and accessible presence

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A Fresh and Unique Approach to Coaching
Body-Centered Coaching

The body never lies. It speaks to us from its most authentic place, acting as a database and informing us about what is truly arising for us in any given moment. It speaks through our eyes, through our ease or tension, through gesture, through vocal inflection.  It communicates whether we are available and accessible or closed off.  The body unveils our distortions and self-deceptions.  The body shows us where we our armored or protected, and how that may inhibit our receptivity to others and to new possibilities. We live in a world that encourages us to lead from our heads. What if we could avail ourselves of our whole self- the mind, intuition and instinct, and the heart?  What if we could respond knowing fully where we are coming from and what we are moving towards?

A coaching session using the body is as valuable as ten sessions of talking. It embodies the vision. Working with the body reveals our blocks or limitations and can transform that same resistant energy into unimpeded, inspired action.  Talking about goals and challenges is valuable. Using the body moves those ideas and enables us to communicate our vision to others effectively. It is not about just thinking the thought, but rather engaging and aligning the whole self with the intention.

The body is the most powerful of all self-awareness tools. Others perceive us through our physical stance and body language, our behaviors, our word choice- through our persona, how we project ourselves to the world. What if we could come to the world, personally and professionally, with a pure and powerful authenticity?

Using the Enneagram in Coaching

The Enneagram is one of the most valuable tools for growing emotional intelligence (EQ).  Emotional intelligence has more to do with success in life and in the workplace than any other talent or skill.

Someone with emotional intelligence possesses social and personal competence which include: the ability to know what one is feeling, the ability to know how to express those feelings in a clear, mature, and productive way, have a truthful self-assessment, and exhibit self-motivation and confidence. (For more about the Enneagram click here).

Presentation and Public Speaking

The body never lies. Body language reveals confidence or fear, clarity or confusion, power or force. The body of a speaker communicates to an audience with as much impact as words. Aligning the client with their intention and removing what may be unconscious obstacles by bringing the concern into awareness will allow the body and voice to communicate without ambivalence.

In our work together we clarify the client’s vision, intention and what they want to convey to their listeners, what they want they want the audience to receive or learn.  We edit a client’s text to maximize and enhance dramatic structure and content, so the speaker will be clear, concise, and easy to listen to. We examine the client’s persona, become aware of how well it is serving the client, and find ways to become more accessible and credible, while engaging the audience.

Having a vision is important. Being able to express that vision and take it out into the world is crucial.

About Ruthie Landis

Ms. Landis has conducted workshops throughout the country for such clients as Miller Brewing Sales Executives, ABC Network Television Sales Executives, Illinois Mediators Association, Illinois Association of Public Speakers, and the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation working with issues such as presentation skills, image development, teamwork, sales and communication techniques, leadership, creativity and performance. She works as a coach/ consultant to executives and CEO’s of major corporations, public speakers, newscasters, lawyers, and professors.

Ms. Landis trains and coaches actors, performing artists, and public speakers.  Ruthie is an actress, writer, director and teacher who has performed at all of the major professional theatres in Chicago, and in Regional theatre.  She has worked extensively on-camera and as a voice-over artist for radio, TV, and film. She has taught at Northwestern University, Roosevelt University, Columbia College, and Victory Gardens Training Center.

Ms. Landis is also a certified Body-Psychotherapist with a successful private practice, utilizing body/mind techniques and hypnotherapy for greater awareness, presence, relaxation, and stress reduction. She integrates all of her skills to create greater joy and ease in performance, public speaking, and group dynamics. In her teaching and in her private practice Ms. Landis works creatively and dynamically with individuals, couples and groups. When working with public speakers and presenters she focuses on spontaneity, ease, and authenticity. With all clients and groups, she focuses on safety, trust, non-judgmental evaluation and conflict resolution. Her work is highly experiential; it is a “hands on” approach and is non-academic, and participants leave with valuable techniques for self-direction.