How We Work With Trauma


We experience trauma throughout our lives in small and big ways. I define trauma as an experience that overwhelms you in which it feels bigger than what you can handle. Each person responds differently as challenges confront them.  Some big traumas may be abuse, growing up in families with addiction, rape, a car accident, intense illness or surgeries, loss of loved ones, or a job you have been counting on. Small traumas might be a deep humiliation as a child, some failure or betrayal. All traumas are not only remembered in our thoughts but live in our bodies as well. When a traumatic memory is triggered we can go to fight, flight, or freeze mode and not even know it. The idea behind Trauma healing is to find a way to resource the person and their memory of the event so they no longer experience it unconsciously or consciously. It never helps to re-traumatize by hashing over details. I have been trained in many body-centered modalities such as EMDR and somatic experiencing that allow the traumas to be reframed and unwound in the body. Research shows that trauma cannot be healed by cognitive work alone.


When we are allowed to enter into a state of deep relaxation, it allows the conscious mind, unconscious mind, and super-conscious or higher self mind to work together in harmony and alignment. Actually all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.  We will not change what we believe or do unless we are ready and willing to let the behavior, fear, or limiting concept go. No one can direct us to change if we are not ready. Period. And hypnotic techniques can encourage us to re-envision ourselves and discover hidden patterns. I use hypnosis for preparing for surgery, and some doctors allow people to listen to the hypnosis during surgery and childbirth. I collaborate with the client to create their completely individualized hypnosis, and often have the client record in their own voice speaking to themselves.

Visualization and Guided Imagery

During a session we may choose to use music and guided imagery to relieve stress and anxiety, help in manifesting dreams and desires, easing back pain, migraines, IBS, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. It is also beneficial during pregnancy and childbirth.