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Couples Coaching

“Ruthie has helped us to view our couple’s interactions from a perspective that we were unable to see on our own. Specifically, how we approach misunderstandings, the mindset we bring to these interactions, our motivations, and new techniques that we can employ to more fully understand one another. The path she has guided us down has also helped us to understand core aspects of our specific personalities and our personal motivations, given us the tools to identify these traits in each other, and assisted us in learning how to decipher when/how these traits are being expressed. Ultimately, she has guided us down a path that has allowed us to again be happy as a couple!”

– joe, project manager

Family Coaching

“Ruthie helped our family immensely with our oldest daughter’s transition to adolescence. Her practice helped us understand the needs of our different personality types as we sought healing both from the general challenges our family faced in supporting our daughter’s developmental changes, as well as from specific trauma. We were introduced to many helpful resources and strategies- the application of which has echoed throughout many aspects of our family life, offering unexpected support for all. Grateful for Ruthie Landis.”

– Cecily, high school vice principal

“Ruthie has helped me to step outside my own ingrained thought patterns and attain a broader, less obstructed perspective of myself and my family. Through our dialogs, I am empowered to see a range of choices where once limited options appeared. She has encouraged me to recognize all that I am without judgment or preference.”

– Phoebe, caregiver and mom

“The support, wisdom sharing and innovative, individualized counseling I’ve received from Ruthie Landis has healed and expanded me in immeasurable ways. She is someone I have turned to again and again over the years as life circumstances became overwhelming and challenged me beyond my perceived ability. She was my lifeline while navigating the heartbreaking journey of my mother’s cancer diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent passing. And most recently, her unconditional regard and innate ability to help illuminate the unseen allowed me and my family to walk in awareness and open-heartedness as we transitioned out of a dissatisfying marital situation. Her brilliance, creativity, and therapeutic tool box are endless.”

– Lisa, artist

“I initially went to see Ruthie because I was having trouble sleeping, but quickly saw positive changes in many other aspects of my life as well, most notably with my family (having brought my young daughter at times for sessions) and my career. I am so grateful to her for the transformation I have experienced.”

– Kathryn, high school teacher

Ceremony, consciously customized

“I have seen Ruthie 1-2 a month for the last twelve years. She has coached me through multiple career changes and countless work dramas, helping me to trust my instincts and use my voice. She also supported me, expertly, through the prolonged illness and death of both of my parents. On a happier note, Ruthie has provided coaching and guidance over the course of my long-term relationship, and when my partner and I decided to marry in early 2016, Ruthie was exactly the right person to help us create a customized, intimate ceremony, and to officiate it. In short, I cannot really even begin to describe how my relationship with Ruthie – which feels both professional but also deeply intimate – has benefited me. She’s simply The Best.”

– Dani, Supply Chain Director

“I had been working with Ruthie for about five years, when my now husband and I decided to get married in Bacalar, Mexico. There was no question when deciding who should officiate! We couldn’t think of anyone on this planet who we would rather have facilitate and guide us through the co-creation of exactly what we wanted: an organic, spontaneous, Spirit -centered, inclusive ceremony that represented the interconnectedness of nature, ritual, heaven and earth, friends and family and our love. Thank you Ruthie for making our wedding weekend in Mexico magical!”

– Kathleen, accupuncturist

“Ruthie creates a safe and grounded foundation and gently invites me to explore new possibilities while embracing my resistance and patterns. Ruthie collaborated with me on my wedding ceremony and beautifully created a ceremony to express and honor the essence of my husband’s and my partnership. Sessions with Ruthie are entering sacred, welcoming space.”

– Pam, international consultant, hospice nurse

Therapy/coaching/Executive coaching

“Working with Ruthie is such a supportive—and stimulating—experience. The stereotypical image of counseling or coaching is the “expert” whose sole contributions to the discussion consist of “What do you think?” and “Hmmm….” Ruthie is much more interesting than that. She offers striking insights into troubling issues. She also creates diverse experiences, using creative toys, relevant books, mini-ceremonies, oracle cards, the enneagram, bodywork (fully clothed and highly gentle), and more.
I’ve been seeing her regularly for almost three years, and I look forward to each and every session.”

– Diana, freelance writer

“Working with Ruthie has transformed the way I communicate and manage teams. I am more effective, my teams are stronger and highly performant, and I learned a ton about myself along the way. If you are a leader, I highly recommend working with Ruthie.”

– Joe (CTO)

“Ruthie has been instrumental in helping me discover and express my potential in all areas of my life. My work with Ruthie has allowed me to live more consciously and in wholeheartedness and authenticity. Never have I felt so safe, so seen and so understood. Her extraordinary talent, and wisdom are unparalleled, and she is one of the greatest treasures to consciousness work I have ever experienced.”

– Leesa, psychotherapist

“Ruthie blends her extensive knowledge of many forms of therapy disciplines from across the world with her understanding of my current and future needs to tailor a unique program for me with her exceptional strengths of creativity, enlightenment and compassion for myself as an individual and single parent.”

– Michael, digital art professional, divorced dad of two children

“When I first went to Ruthie, I knew I was unhappily stuck in my life and did not know how to change my situation. I’m not sure how she did it (!), but Ruthie has helped me find and access my inner power. Today, my life is radically improved and continues to evolve in health and consciousness. I could not have done this without her. None of my therapy with previous therapists comes close to what I have been able to achieve with Ruthie. She is nurturing, challenging, affirming, focused, and a wonderful humanist. I am so glad I followed my curiosity after hearing her at a presentation and reached out to her. Thank you, Ruthie!!”

– Betty, psychotherapist and spiritual counselor

“Ruthie has been amazing to work with from day one!! First by setting up an extremely comfortable and positive room energetically. Just by stepping into this office allowed me to open up more so than even in my own home.  Secondly, she has always been loving and kind with an immense understanding of different personality types, allowing me to understand myself and work on myself and be aware of other’s needs as well. For me, although I haven’t done much body-centered table work in our sessions, when I have done so it has opened up many doors in my own life and leaves me always wanting to self improve even more so than before our session. I cannot thank Ruthie enough and would recommend her to anyone who wants to step outside of the “box” and grab their own life by the reigns and take charge!!!”

– Chris, electrician

“To sit with Ruthie and converse over time is to become aware of being witnessed by someone who is graced with a wealth of compassion, wisdom, humor and a memory like a steel trap. She comes to know you at a deep level in a way that guides you to authentic self-love. Ruthie is a true gift.”

– Ann, attorney

“Hello my name is Mark and I am a recovering Alcoholic and addict. I have been going to Ruthie for many years. Through our working together and her unique techniques and knowledge I have been able to grow and transform my life into something that I could have never imagined possible.”

Mark, landscape company owner

“I’ve been working with Ruthie for several years now in a range of situations. Whether the focus has been on myself, work, family a significant other she helped me see things in a different way while still being sensitive to my outlook. She has a true gift of being a listener and intuitive. If you are ready to heal and do the work that it takes, Ruthie will guide you on that journey with a warmth and professionalism unique to her.”

– Stephanie, salon owner

“Over the four years I’ve had the privilege of working with Ruthie, I have been blessed by her deep caring that made me feel supported and safe, her keen eye offering compassionate perspective, and her profound capacity to sit in the not-knowingness with me throughout my process.  Life is indeed a journey and my journey has been amplified and incredibly enriched for Ruthie’s presence in it. The beginning of my sessions with her ignited an enhanced ability for me to welcome all parts of myself and others, and inhabit my contours with greater peace and honoring. From that embodiment I can meet my life in a more empowered, free way.  Though we each have our own path, I find it difficult to imagine anyone’s not being richer for having Ruthie in it.”

– Paffy, holistic therapist and yoga teacher

“I am so blessed to know Ruthie….she is like your soul sister, best friend, the second mom you wished you had, and your favorite aunt all rolled into one. Ruthie is down-to-earth, honest, wise, trustworthy, discerning, compassionate, creative, intuitive, playful, warm and loving. She has a knack for bringing out what yearns to come alive within you, and for balancing a soft touch with just the right dose of honest, tough love in a way that allows you to discover and accept truths about yourself and your life and gently guide you in your journey. As a 7, facing hard truths and pain goes against my fabric. Yet, Ruthie’s process makes it safe for me to be witnessed and accepted as I peel away the layers of self-doubt and fear, encourage me to feel self-empowered, remind me to practice more self-love, and embrace my authenticity.”

– Shantal, JD and non-profit professional

“Working with Ruthie has been nothing short of a life-changing, and life-affirming experience. Our time together is incredibly special to me, and something I genuinely look forward to. Ruthie brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, passion, and love for her work, and no two sessions are the same. Anyone would be lucky to have this beautiful woman in their lives.”

– Jennifer, District Manager, Retail Transformation

“Working with Ruthie (for 20+years) has given me the tools & knowing that I am completely resourced and more resilient than I know. It’s not that I don’t get thrown for a loop now & then, but I know that with her guidance, I can navigate through any fire, (physical or emotional) in my time and mine the gold to enrich my wisdom and my life.”

– Virginia, inner vision integrator

“Ruthie has provided me with the guidance and a safe place where I could learn to set healthier boundaries and to dig deeper to make needed changes in myself. In short, she is helping me live the serenity prayer.”

– Shelly, child psychotherapist

“Ruthie has helped me immensely in overcoming my stage fright. She was actually able to drill down to the root of the matter in my very first session. She has also helped me find my voice in standing up for myself and also offers perspective on how I may be contributing to some of the negative interactions within my interpersonal relationships including husband, children, coworkers, and friends. I still see her every month or 2 for a “tune-up.” I don’t know where I’d be without Ruthie’s guidance over the years. I always feel lighter leaving my appointment. She has also often helped my physical complaints with her “table time” for short sessions of Reiki and various other techniques for balancing. I can’t say enough about this woman!”

– Suzanne, nurse and professional singer