Ceremony and Ritual – Beginnings and Endings

I believe that ceremony and ritual is a tangible and symbolic embodiment of intention, and the creation of individualized ceremony is specific and powerful. I married at a very young age and our wedding was a standardized cultural template and finally was not very meaningful or memorable for me at all. It was to please others.

As an ordained minister, therapist and with my theatre background I have devoted myself to helping others realize profound, sacred and very intentional weddings that suit them and in which they are instrumental in the process of creating the ritual. These ceremonies have ranged from a rooftop wedding in Mexico, under the stars, overlooking a lake with Mayan ruins nearby, to a costume party wedding, to a multi-cultural, multi-religion synthesis wedding, to weddings in nature, same-sex weddings, or conventional weddings that are non-denominational and shaped to fit the couple and their styles.

I have created ceremony celebrations for rites of passage from stepping from one decade to the next. Or naming rituals for babies. I have created divorce rituals where both parties want to have a kind, honoring closure to their relationship and their moving on. I have created moving rituals leaving behind that which no longer serves from one space and taking with memories and learnings with to the next space.


The natural world is a mirror for our own lives and personalities. It offers us constant support and has wisdom and messages to share. When weather allows my clients often choose to have sessions in my private sanctuary garden next to a pond and waterfall, amidst trees, birds and squirrels, flowers, the wind and the sky. We feel the ground holding us, the sky reminding us that clouds appear and disappear, and that our lives are filled with night and day, darkness and light.

Each season correlates to our own internal and external seasons. Water, wood, fire, earth, and air are a part of our being on both a physical and emotional level.

Based on practices and ritual from indigenous earth honoring cultures in some sessions we combine nature and shamanic ceremony to aid in letting go, creating intentional goals, or offering gratitude.

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