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Acting Lessons for Living

Ready to take center stage? It’s showtime!

Imagine that your life is a hit play, one that you produce and direct, a show where you get to pick all the parts, from your leading role to the bit players. You get to choose the sets, the lighting, the costumes, and even who gets a front row seat, right up to the final curtain call.

In fact, you don’t need to imagine it because your life is exactly that: a long-running adventure created for your life’s stage by you!

Best selling author Ruthie Landis weaves her decades of experience in the theatre and as a psychotherapist, teacher and coach, with insightful personality concepts found in the Enneagram used by actors and successful “players” the world over, to guide you through your own hero’s journey – your life’s calling.

Whether you’re in “pre-production” or wanting to make sure your final bow will invite a standing ovation, Acting Lessons for Living will engage you, change you, and support you in playing the scenes of your own life with crystal clear intention, full presence, and a finale that will knock your socks off.

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Beyond the Bookclub

A SINGLE BOOK WITH ALL you need to guide you through a journey of self- discovery and evolution. This book can be used for individual exploration, couples and family activities, and/or an affordable year’s worth of meaningful and memorable book club gatherings.


Ruthie Landis writes in collaboration with Mind, Body, Heart, the Enneagram, Nature, Intuition and the Creative Force and has woven her co-creators’ innate wisdom into twelve guided experiences. The book includes inspiring stories, catalyzing questions, workbook, experiential learning, and journaling opportunities. Chapters facilitate reflection and growth on topics such as decision-making, loneliness, self-forgiveness, self-esteem, giving and receiving, and reclaiming personal wholeness.

Through shared reading and creative exercises participants will experience each other and themselves in a safe, nonjudgmental space, with the author’s expert guidance.

We live in a society that is divisive and often cruel, cold, and asleep. So this is a call to action. With the help of this book’s short powerful stories and illuminating, playful and experiential scripts, you can gather your tribe, grow yourself, and build communities that know and live from compassion, awareness, love, and grace.

Beyond the Bookclub

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“Filled with wisdom and effective methods for self-transformation. A master of storytelling and a superb teacher, Ruthie guides the reader on a journey of self-liberation.” – Jose Luis Stevens, author of Awaken The Inner Shaman, Encounters With Power, and The Power Path.

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