My Newly Born

For a woman in menopause I can’t believe I have birthed yet another book. Three books born within two years. It’s as if my body, knowing it will not bear any more children, has decided to use my second chakra, the creative and procreative chakra, for other purposes. I bow to its impulse to stay juicy and productive.

After the wonderful response I was delighted to receive about Acting Lesson for Living: Play the Scenes of your Life with Intention, Presence and Pure Potential, it occurred to me it needed a sibling and friend.


So, drawing from the many teachings we explored together in ACTING LESSONS FOR LIVING, I created a companion book of guided activities linked with journal prompts so you can engage with creative tools for living your life with more Intention and Presence while opening to Pure Potential. You can put your learnings into action through these innovative activities, and then go even deeper with your self-reflections.

You can then begin an easy, fulfilling journaling ritual, as time allows, based on the prompts, that leads you toward kinder ways to become more loving and accepting of yourself and others. And you can use your written observations to become part of an action-driven practice. This guided journal can be your buddy and caring accountability partner as you proceed on your very own awareness-driven hero’s journey.

I know my dad, who is pictured on the covers of both books, would be diving in with his highlighters and pens, as he was an enthusiastic seeker and an inspiration to everyone who knew him.

I also have made a series of videos which I will be sharing weekly to give you a taste of some of the practices. Here’s the first one!

The books are now available everywhere online and in book stores near you, and if you would like to adopt them as a pair, I have them offered on my shopping cart at a big discount, including free shipping for a limited time.

Thanks for being a part of my community! We need each other during these trying times.

Only love, Ruthie

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  1. A companion book! what a fantastic idea, I love it. May it bring joy, comfort and pleasure to many.

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