It’s not the WHAT it’s the HOW FOR 2022 Manifesting!

We are almost through with January, and stepping into February. Many of us have been hesitating to create a vision for ourselves for the new year and what we might be about to manifest. What direction might we point our nose toward this year? Where is our North Star after the tumultuous last two years? 

We are at the launching pad, but may not be sure just how to create our 2022 personal mission statement. With so many unknowns in our world, the paths we might have taken prior to the pandemic and the many changes we have had to make to adapt to it, may be giving us pause.

So, the theme for me that has surfaced in the past few weeks has been, “It’s not the WHAT, it’s the HOW.”

Many of you who have worked with me around intention-making know that I am always questioning WHO is doing the affirming or intention-making? Is Ego grabbing us by the throat and setting goals like mad which may or may not be for our highest good, or where we are truly living our purpose. When the Ego is coming from a place of lacking and scarcity, that’s where desire takes hold, and often an insatiable longing keeps nagging at us. In my book, Acting Lessons for Living, we explore the difference between a hungry desire which never finds contentment and conversely, merely being directed or led by the juicy feeling. In fact, we may already have alive within us that which we think we want or need and don’t recognize it or have not yet claimed it.

So how do we know the difference between the thirsting Ego and our Higher Self?

The Ego, which we need to navigate in order to live our human lives, often focuses on the WHAT. What amount of money do I want to make this year? What goals must I set and achieve? What’s on my bucket list?

My teacher, Jose Stevens, speaks of creating affirmations by asking the Universe, “What if?” questions. As if we are collaborating with the Quantum field, we speak aloud our openness to what might come to be. This is saying, “Hey, I am open to exploring this or that, what if we head in that direction together? What might surprise me? What might unfold that is far better than anything I could imagine from my Ego’s restricted point of view?

HOW is about the way we engage and collaborate with the “What if?.”

So here are some examples about how we might transpose our old ways of creating intention.

Instead of:

I will find the perfect house to buy this year– we transpose it toward the HOW- I will allow myself to be led to my true home with ease and alignment through my interconnectedness with others and all that is. My home will find me.


Instead of:

I will make twice as much money this year- we transpose it toward HOW- I will joyfully serve using my many gifts and open to the abundance that surrounds me allowing myself to be receptive financially and be supported physically and emotionally, without obstruction.

I can begin by identifying my “WHAT IF?” questions to the Unknown without limiting beliefs and then explore HOW I want to position myself with openness, joy, ease, trust and reciprocity.

Give it a try. I find it brings forth magical “happenings.”

For those of you who missed my free workshop on the HOW to use my latest book MY MUSINGS for self-exploration and deepening self-love, here is an edited video of the workshop. Thank you to all the participants and for your open sharing. And thank you to Shari Stauch of Summerville, South Carolina’s Main Street Reads for hosting this event. Enjoy the book to use individually or in a virtual journaling group of friends. It’s available wherever books are sold.