Intention and Purpose for Self-direction and Empowerment

Whenever I am called to design a new workshop for others I always know the Universe is asking me to dive deeper into the topic for myself.  It comes as an inspiration, knocking at my door to pay attention!

The issue that has been circling me these days, once again, (it has been a visitor many times throughout my life) has to do with being intentional about living my purpose. In order to do so I have had to reflect again and again about what my purpose actually is. Though I may find new words for it each time that I explore this topic, I am aware of an ever-present thread.

Philosophers and seekers have been pondering the question of Purpose throughout time.  Since death looms in front of all of us, humans cannot beat that inevitable limitation.  So if our time in this life has a beginning and end many feel that it is important and maybe even essential, to feel purpose-driven, creating a meaning grown from our own values and innate gifts.

Monty Python’s film “The Meaning of Life,” an all time favorite of mine, creates satire about this age-old question- “Why are we here?” For a giggle go to this link and hear their take:

Each of us, in our own way, consciously or unconsciously is playing this question out.  My work with others and myself is to make the unconscious…conscious, about many things, including the question of our unique purpose:

  • For some it may be merely staying alive, taking the next miraculous breath, finding enough food or lodging to be safe. 
  • For others it may seem to them that their purpose is to accumulate money, resources, fame, and to do with it what they will.  
  • For others it may be bringing and receiving Joy or laughter into this fragile, short life of ours.
  • For others, journalists for example, it might be bringing news to the world. Paul Revere alerted danger to the town as he rode on horseback – “The British are Coming!!!”
  • For others it may be to lead.
  • For others it may be to create peace.

The list has no end as each of has our very own purpose to claim and then hopefully live it intentionally. No purpose is greater or less than another’s if it is true to the core, and not coming from some fearful reactivity to our past.

As a core number two on the Enneagram, my purpose seemed cut and dried from the beginning- to feel my worth and value through giving, helping, and loving others and ultimately bring the same to myself.  But how would I do that? The Enneagram model gives a wonderful first glance map at what might be pointing us to our purpose. For some understanding around this for yourself read and watch some videos on my Enneagram page.

Finally, as I have refined my exploration around my own purpose, I have come to see that for me it seems to be seeing the unseen, hearing the unheard, and speaking the unspoken with a loving and compassionate presence.  In fact, that isn’t always what people like, and it may even push some people away from me.  But there it sits, real and palpable, whether I like it or not, and this has been thematic throughout my life.

Recently, Sam, a client, friend, and great inspiration of mine, has envisioned my golden path as the teacher of teachers.  I have to take that into my heart.

In another personality model taught to me by my great teacher Jose Stevens, called Personessence, I have come into this lifetime as a Sage, holding all the personal growth and responsibility that expects.

What does any of it mean if I don’t hold myself to impeccability and intentionality around living my purpose?

Claiming a purpose for your life can be liberating indeed.  It gives meaning and clarity that is valuable beyond words. And then the responsibility of living that purpose emerges. Ask yourself:

  • Can I intentionally wake up each morning remembering it?  
  • Can I walk through each door, bringing purpose with consciousness?  
  • Can I reclaim it and remember it when I have lost my awareness of it, which I surely will?

Join us in a deep dive workshop and play shop: Claiming and Living your Purpose! It’s not too late to sign up.