Never Lost

I was in a session with a very wise and heartful client named Sam, whom I had met in my training many years ago.  We had not been in touch for almost 20 years, and she tracked me down and we have been working together since she did.  She is so often my muse and inspiration. 

Isn’t it a blessing that I can guide someone else as they guide me?  What a lucky and grateful person I am.  Her wonderful friend, who I also work with, asked her how she had found me again. She answered, “I never lost her.” 

When she told me about this interchange, I got goose bumps and became quite choked up.  A flood of memories of people, who are not presently active in my life, both living and transitioned from this life, came to me. They had left their imprint and I realize that, of course, I have never lost them.

My second grade teacher, Barbara Kohl, was the first I remembered. She was the one and only teacher throughout grade school that I thought really “saw” me.  I was good at spelling and she had me walk my little seven-year-old self down to the first grade class and tutor some six year olds.  I felt so helpful and important.  I may not have seen then that she was already priming me for my purpose in this life on some level.  Thank you Barbara Kohl, wherever you are. I have never lost you.

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