All roads intersect on the path to growth and healing.
You need vision, maps and counsel to land in your purpose.
Ruthie Landis is your Sherpa. She is the guide for you.

Support on Your Journey

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Enneagram Exploration

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Body-Centered Psychotherapy and Coaching


Trauma Work and hypnosis

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Enneagram Exploration

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Enneagram Exploration

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Enneagram Exploration

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Enneagram Exploration

Ruthie’s Books

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Acting Lessons
for Living

Imagine that your life is a hit play, one that you produce and direct, a show where you get to pick all the parts, from your leading role to the bit players.

Beyond the Bookclub:
We Are the Books We Must Read

A SINGLE BOOK WITH ALL you need to guide you through a journey of self- discovery and evolution.

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My Musings

This journal is all yours. It invites you to set one appointment with yourself each week to connect with the hidden crevices of your being in a unique way.

Enhance Your Experience!

Drawing from the many teachings explored in ACTING LESSONS FOR LIVING, a companion book of guided activities linked with journal prompts to let you engage with creative tools for living your life with more Intention and Presence while opening to Pure Potential.

As your guide I facilitate new learning using your body, the enneagram, hypnosis techniques, story, metaphor, and creativity to inspire and invite growth. I interrupt the same ole narratives with the possibility for uplifting rewrites. We laugh and cry. We fill your journey’s backpack with tools and experiencial lessons to meet life’s challenges and opportunities.

Ruthie’s Books

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