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This book will shine a bright light for you on the mystery and marvel of human communication…It will offer surprising insights and practices designed to help us find the whole of who we are.

acclaimed Tony award-winning writer and director and Professor Emeritus, Northwestern University, Frank Galati

Acting Lessons for Living was designed to be a useful resource for both student and professional Actors as well as for “Human-Actors.” After the positive feedback received, I realized that many would benefit by going even deeper into chapter topics such as:

  • Entrances and Exits
  • Charisma, Presence
  • What do you Really, Really Want?
  • The Rewrite
  • Dropping the Mask

So I was prompted to publish a companion book, a Guided Journal.

For acting students, working actors, and really anybody willing to look at their life as their own personal script and “Hero’s Journey” (and at a character’s life, with the same attention to detail) these books will provide extraordinary clarity, insight, tools and techniques.

It is in this spirit that I want to invite you to discover for yourself for FREE the enormous potential this book has for igniting remarkable teaching explorations.

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I would like to send you BOTH companion books as my gift to you…

And now, enjoy this recorded presentation given at the Southeastern Theatre Conference in March, 2021

Southeastern Conference Video Presentation

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