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Welcome to the activities page that interfaces with the video you have been watching, drawn from my book ACTING LESSONS FOR LIVING: PLAY THE SCENES OF YOUR LIFE WITH INTENTION, PRESENCE AND PURE POTENTIAL: a Living, Acting and Enneagram Masterclass. (Available in print, e-book and audiobook formats.) The companion book will be released in the fall, a guided journal and activity book chock full of ways to go deeper and learn more about yourself and live a fuller life. Email me for a sneak preview!

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Activity # 1 – Charisma

Charisma is about feeling free to shine your light brightly.
In doing so you give others the invitation to shine theirs brightly as well if they choose.

  • Make a list of people you know or celebrities that you think have charisma.  What about them, besides their appearance, draws you to them? Think specifically about the way they hold and move their bodies and their eyes. Think about what makes them stand out.
  • Now reflect on the question “Do I have Charisma?” Don’t worry about your answer. If you think you do, when do you feel charismatic? In what environments? How do you know you are being charismatic? What opens in you and what comes through your eyes?
  • If you don’t feel charismatic, why do you think that is? Relate that to your Enneagram number, exploring your masks and secrets. How could developing your ability to be charismatic enhance your life?
  • Go outside on a sunny day and stand where you fully feel the sun on your face. Try to join your light with the light of the sun. Where does it enter you and then where does it release from you as you create a reciprocal relationship with the Sun’s light? Feel that in your body and notice its power. How could you retrieve this through sense memory in other situations?
  • Finally, go outside at night. Look at the moon. Try to find a place inside of you that can emanate light toward the moon. This is your time and your space. All yours. How might you retrieve this through sense memory in other situations, if you choose to?
  • Which space, the sunlight or the reflected moonlight allowed you to shine more brightly? Try relating this to your Enneagram number and its relationship to being seen.
  • Practice entering spaces claiming your charisma, making this intentional, removing any obstacles that keep you from shining your light brightly. Journal about what you’ve discovered.

Activity #2: Intention, Entrances and Exits

Every Entrance is an Exit and every Exit is an Entrance. We move from one way of being to another as we cross any threshold. We leave things behind or bring them with us. Living our lives with conscious intention brings forth the collaboration of the Universe and Pure Potential.

The invitation is to move beyond living on “automatic pilot.”

  • You have already crossed a threshold. Perhaps you have moved from watching the video to pausing it and deciding to do this activity. You are here now. You left one space and joined another.
  • Close your eyes. Remember the moment you decided to come to this Activities Page.
  • What triggered your desire to leave where you were and enter this portal? Jot down some thoughts about this. Was it a should, an intuition, a calling, a curiosity?
  • Now pause and get in touch with what gift you want to receive from doing this activity?
  • You are the only one who can give you this gift.
  • How does your Enneagram type inform how you enter a space and how you leave it? Write about this. For instance, as a number two, if I don’t pause and become conscious of what I want to manifest for myself, I automatically will defer to the needs of others around me. I will therefore play that scene in an oblivious and automatic way and not be true to my own authentic path of manifestation.
  • Spend the day pausing before you go somewhere, anywhere, and get clear about what you want. This includes calling someone on the phone or participating on social media as these are all portals as well. Notice how many “doorways” you go through during the day and what happens if you become fully conscious and pause before entering each new scene. Journal about your discoveries.

Activity #3: Motivation and Inclusion

This further clarifies our work on Intention. Motivation is what moves you and how you attempt to move others. Some of us lose ourselves when we begin to be inclusive. Others of us go for what we want, consciously or unconsciously, excluding others…

A goal we might want to move towards is holding our own space while simultaneously being inclusive. In this way we become bigger, more expansive and more unified.

  • What does the concept of inclusiveness bring up for you: in your body, in your thoughts, in your heart? Notice what arises. Write about what you discover.
  • How might your Enneagram type interface with the goal to be inclusive? Define inclusiveness from your point of view. What gifts might it bring you or what burdens?
  • What areas of your life are you most inclusive in and what are you more exclusionary? Have a brave conversation about this with someone close to you.

Activity #4: Your Rewrite

We all have scripts. We may even be born with them. For sure we continue to build on them and believe the story to be the ONLY story of our lives. Our Hero’s Journey to self-mastery has a lot to do with questioning the roles we have been cast in and have continuously played.

What if we recast ourselves beyond the limitations of those roles?

  • Think of a role you felt you were cast in by your family of origin. Give the role a name. Be creative. Realize you constructed a mask, costume and script based on that role. Do you relish playing that role or are you interested in a rewrite? If you are not interested in a rewrite, ask yourself why, accept that and you are finished with this activity.
  • If you are interested in a rewrite how would you recast yourself? What would change? Pretend you are a director of your own life and you get to tell the human-actor, that is YOU, how to play a fresh new version of that role. Give him/her a new name. Take off her mask. Dress him up differently. How would you rewrite his/her script?
  • Now do just that. In a journal or on your computer write a familiar scene you’ve played over and over again and play this new character, and write the other people in the scene’s new responses. You can draw on all the Enneagram numbers to play with this. You can even just improvise playing the new role by recording voices on your phone, also playing all the people in this familiar, but now different scene, and see how the scene changes as you allow your role to change. Have fun with this. Exaggerate. Be silly. Surprise yourself. Anything is possible in the rewrite.
  • Now, if you are courageous enough, try it out with people you know. Be this new role for just a try. See if they notice the role shift. See if there are new outcomes if you truly commit to playing your old role in a fresh new way.

Continue Your Journey…

I invite you to continue on this journey of exploration in ACTING LESSONS FOR LIVING: PLAY THE SCENES OF YOUR LIFE WITH INTENTION, PRESENCE AND PURE POTENTIAL (Available in print, e-book and audiobook formats.)

The companion book will be released in the fall, which is a guided journal and activity book chock full of ways to go deeper and learn more about yourself and live a fuller life, working through the lens of the Actor’s world, Jung’s concept of each of our very own Hero’s Journey, and the marvelous ancient model of the Enneagram study of our roles and personalities. Email me for a sneak preview!

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