Beyond the Bookclub: EBook Super Sale!

To be seen or not to be seen, that is the question.

There is a study that shows that if offered a choice of either flight or invisibility as a super power most people chose invisibility. Science is even developing invisibility cloaks like shown in the Harry Potter series. Google it. It’s cool to read about.

And yet, working with people on relationships daily, I find the biggest hurt is not being seen or heard. There is such a contradiction that lives in us, in me I know for sure, about being able to decide when we are seen and when not. Somewhere there is a desire to stand in visibility and power, and yet an accompanying feeling that it is not safe somehow. I have been working on this inner conflict for a long while.

And so today I stand in a choice that makes my heart beat fast, and my solar plexus tighten, to be visible in a big way, and that is to announce that tomorrow or today, (depending on which day you are reading this) Friday June 28th, Transformation TV is running a campaign on the eBook version of my book Beyond the Bookclub: We are the books we must Read.

For Friday the price of my eBook will be only $1.99. So if you have been holding back Now is the Time to buy it! Click Here. The eBook will give you a special link on my website to download materials from my book for use individually or in your book clubs.

My book is about new ways to see yourself through curious and interested eyes. Please help me and my Book-child, as well as yourself, stand in the light, empowered and courageous, and be seen. Click here to buy on Friday, June 28th for only $1.99.