What Is Your Net Worth And How Do You Determine It?

What is your net worth? What does that even mean in the context of the true value of your life, or anyone’s life?

I notice when I google the name of a celebrity, a series of possible inquiries about them appear including information about their age, partner or spouse, height, and of course, net worth.  I am even drawn to look at all those things when my original intention might be to remember a movie they were in or something of that nature. Of course, I know that net worth as google presents it is about how much wealth and property that celebrity has accumulated.

However, I am intrigued by the idea of how that term, net worth, applies to the value of any life and the criteria one would use to determine its value. That criteria are most likely different for different people, depending on their value systems, what they deem important, how they view their purpose, and at last what legacy they hope to leave when they move on from this life.

Some of us may measure our worth in dollars, some in kindnesses bestowed and received, some in status or power. I keep a small cabinet that I fill with cards written to me from people who have valued my relationship with them and what has passed between us. That cabinet clearly is something I use to evaluate my net worth. But are there enough cards? How many would be enough for me?

What do you use to measure your own net worth? What are your criteria?

I invite you to take a moment and list your own criteria. I invite you to attribute values to what you hold important and dear. In a world that measures Net Worth by money and property alone you might be surprised by what you discover about yourself.

Many years ago, I visited a prominent evolutionary Spirit channel. The guide she channeled had the name of Desi, a very wise guide indeed.  I was struggling in a familiar loop around my sense of worth, that I hadn’t achieved enough, done enough, looking once again for a way to prove I deserved this life and all it had to offer. 

She asked me “What would be enough to prove my worth? When would I know I had achieved it?” 

Of course, I froze and couldn’t answer. I realized that probably nothing I could do or accomplish would fully fill the void, the belief I held that there was always something more I had to do, achieve, or obtain.

She said, “The baby that is born and takes one breath and then dies is worth the same as the greatest teacher in the world. The value lies solely in the fact that they were given the gift of life itself. It is not a thing earned or proven, but one bestowed.”

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