So Many Questions…

  • What is doing? What is being? What is being and doing?
  • What is listening to the call and following it?
  • What is letting the call lead you and doing on behalf of the call?
  • What is resisting the call out of fear, or laziness, or doubt, or perfectionism?
  • What is not picking up the call…sorry not home, leave it on the answering machine. 
  • What is doing in the form of forcing to feed the ego?
  • What is doing in the form of ease and flow and satisfying productivity on behalf of the Whole?

I ask these questions that I have no answer for. I hold the inquiry, and the contradictions.

I ask, is lying around and reading or staring into space or dreaming…non-doing? I am still doing, aren’t I? Doing on behalf of what? Fatigue? Boredom? Depression?

I might say to someone if they asked the question – “What ya doing?” – “I am doing nothing really.”

What is doing nothing and what is doing something?  What is wasting time?

Can time ever be wasted?

I can’t see what I am moving towards. 

Have a vision, they say. Who is envisioning? My higher self?  My little local ego-ic self?  Can collective consciousness envision for me?  

Can my Universal Self connect with my local self and can it tell me what it wants of me?  Could I hear it clearly if it did?

Am I not “doing” enough as I question and inquire? And to what end?

Dreaming without action is just entertainment. Or is it enough to Dream?

How much of my life’s time bank do I allot to entertainment?  So what then is dreaming with action?  Where does dreaming with action fall on the hierarchy of living a life with value and meaning? How does it feel different or better or more purposeful to take dreams into action?

And then what about commitment?  What is the power of commitment? The drawbacks are clear. I could fail or disappoint or miss out on something else. But what is the power of full engagement and commitment? What happens between me and the energy field when I commit to something?

Is my growth and power exponential as my commitment interacts with life?

And how do I feel differently when I expect something of myself? Something. Anything. Is it sometimes scary? Is it sometimes unbelievably gratifying? So many questions.  No real answers.  As Gertrude Stein lay on her deathbed Alice B. Tokles asked her finally – what was the answer?  Gertrude replied, “No. What is the question?”

What questions do you struggle with? How do you seek answers? Please share your insight with your comment below!