Love, Loss and my True Life Spooktacular Ghost Story Video Performance

I have lost some people dear to me during these Covid times, and am so aware of the inability to transform and be soothed around these losses like we usually do, through memorials and communal grieving. I don’t think this is spoken about enough. When we get on the other side of this pandemic, I know we will see delayed grief show up in all kinds of ways. It may be living underground now. 

We see statistics each day of those who have passed on through the virus and there is a gap between that ever growing “number” and a true human recognition of the many people left behind deeply affected by the loss, and unable to walk through the pain in community. So many people have not been resourced by the support they might receive during normal times. This also includes the many loved ones who have died from other diseases, accidents, natural causes and war, and whose families and friends also cannot grieve normally. How do we let go, move on and process during these austere and disconnected times?

I write a lot in my books and in my blogs about the power of ritual. I invite each of us to create more ritual in our lives.

“For me, ritual means the embodiment of intention through movement and stillness, words and silence, enacted with concentration and commitment. It makes the energetic, intangible realm very tangible and worldly. The theatre is filled with ritual. Ritual repeats, and in repeating, the body, mind and heart can remember and reclaim what code they are meant to live by.” page 33 Acting Lessons for Living

I recently had the privilege to perform a true story of mine, about this very topic, for a fundraiser for the Evanston Dance Ensemble, an organization I adore and support in whatever way I can. The Arts are suffering so much these days. Here is a link to donate if you want to help this Dance Company continue to do its beautiful work.

We recorded our stories on a beautiful Autumn night. Here is mine. The story I perform is completely true and was life changing for me in many ways. It seems apropos to share it the week of Halloween. Enjoy and hold onto your seats!

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Only love, Ruthie

3 thoughts on “Love, Loss and my True Life Spooktacular Ghost Story Video Performance”

  1. Such an awesome moment – the wind in your hair – made it seem so otherworldly. And I found myself remembering a sceance I held for my cat. And how the lights and the tv in the background all blinked off – it’s a pleasant memory but was super scary when I was in the middle of it. I also find myself thinking of the art of storytelling. You gave so much of yourself in sharing … delightful.

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