All feelings are energy and sensation connected to thoughts and invited to move energetically through our bodies. These three centers, head (thought), heart (feelings) and body (movement) are linked to create our wholeness as humans. The word EMOTION ends in MOTION or movement. Repressing feelings does not make them go away. In fact, the more they are thwarted the more their energy builds, silently and unnoticed, while they stay growing nonetheless.

Avoiding our feelings shows a lack of intimacy and trust with ourselves.

We have learned to think of feelings in a dualistic way. Positive feelings and negative ones. In doing so we create our shadows, locking away parts of our humanness. We are living in shadow times where these repressed feelings are releasing themselves in big ways, many meanspirited and hurtful.

The goal is to acknowledge ALL our feelings to ourself, move them in unharmful ways so they may be transformed into a creative and inclusively beneficial energy source.

It is true, of course, that reacting from some kinds of feelings without consciousness while directing them toward others in unkind ways can cause harm. Yet relating to these same feelings within our private relationship with ourselves alone causes no harm to others or ourselves. In fact, when these feelings are acknowledged by ourself to ourself compassionately and creatively, they can be explored and moved through intentionally, sometimes even channeling this energy for the highest good.

I imagine that many of our inspirational visionaries and change makers combined MAD AND LOVE, and blended them together to fuel Change for the Highest Good. 

In my video blog, watch how these anger rituals bring relief, perhaps even laughter, and creative clean and useful energy.