I have decided to do a series on Rituals that I use in my life and present them as written and video blogs.  Last week the ritual we investigated was on the Pause. Pause before entering. Pause before exiting.

The concept of using rituals daily to enhance our mindfulness, living more intentionally, is explored in my book ACTING LESSONS FOR LIVING: PLAY THE SCENES OF YOUR LIFE WITH INTENTION, PRESENCE AND PURE POTENTIAL. Rituals are the embodiment of intention, making them physical and concrete.  And rituals can be fun, something we look forward to doing, rather than HAVE TO or SHOULD. We don’t need to feel disciplined around them unless we want to. We can make them playful and creative. And our commitment to merely creating the rituals and returning to them seem to have a magical effect. The rituals call out to the Universe- “Hear me! I am serious and I am ready for our collaboration. I am ready to grow and shift and build!”

Next week we will dance with rituals that help transform ANGER ENERGY. They are so helpful and kind of hilarious. Silly can be powerful and offer great perspective. Stay tuned.

I usually do this VISION RITUAL in January to set intentions for the new year. My January and February were months that demanded I stay with my grief over the loss of two dear friends. I created rituals around grief work and still do them.

I could not even begin to imagine 2020. I had no juice. If I had done my VISION RITUAL in those months it would have been forced and contrived and magic does not grow from that energy. I knew I was sitting in the “I don’t know” place, a fertile void space. My vision was blurry like when I don’t wear my contacts or glasses, best to just stumble along grabbing onto whatever is nearby for support.

So, it is March and the Springtime is near and of course it’s never too late to engage with this ritual. The veil has lifted, clarity has replaced the fog, the tears of winter cleaned my windshield. Enjoy this video blog and see if it resonates with your own new beginnings and 2020 VISION.