“In the Pause, Life Begins.”- Rumi

Doorways remind us that we are moving from one way of being to another. In this way they can be the first moment of an important ritual that can change the quality of our lives. The Pause.

Imagine living a more intentional life full of pure potential. Many of us rush from one experience to the next giving ourselves no chance to shift or transition, or land in a new place. This is even true when we get in the car to drive somewhere. The truth is we have all the time we need for the ritual of the pause. In fact, the pause helps us not waste time.

As we cross the threshold to enter a different space, if we pause, we can invite a clear intention that encourages conscious manifestation.

We can collaborate with the Universe in the pause.

In one beat we can be aware of what we are leaving behind or what we want to take with us into a new experience. In the theatre, actors are asked to leave their muddy shoes at the door as they enter backstage: a metaphor for clearing their minds and bodies so they can create from a clean emotional canvas. In many cultures it is expected to literally take your shoes off upon entering. Perhaps this is for cleanliness purposes, or better yet to create a possibility of acknowledging transition. As human actors we can also pause and press a reset button in our minds and bodies at the various portals we move through in our lives.

We can also be aware of the same ritual potential as we exit an interaction. We can pause and bring consciousness and gratitude, or even shake off a less than satisfying encounter. The ritual of the pause allows us an important moment of mindfulness that helps our highest-self (rather than our reactive-self) drive the next experience. We have that precious moment to re-engage with intention.

How can you use the ritual of the pause to live more intentionally?

Enjoy the video blog that is a part of a series I will be doing drawn from my book ACTING LESSONS FOR LIVING; PLAY THE SCENES OF YOUR LIFE WITH INTENTION, PRESENCE, AND PURE POTENTIAL- available in paperback, e-book, or audiobook.