A Labor of Love. Enjoy my new Video!

In last week’s blog I wrote about shooting a video with my husband and son, drawing from my book Acting Lessons for Living, during this CoVid 19 isolation. What an experience to create as a family team using all our unique gifts. Sasha, my son, did an incredible job shooting it all on my iPhone! He also recorded the audio for the voice overs. My husband was actor, and as he calls himself…the shlepper. I call him production assistant par excellence. My son’s Australian friend created an original gorgeous score and my newly film school graduate friend, Molly, collaborated with me on the editing.

There is even a special link for a page on my site that has activities that correlate with the video. Email me if you do ALL the activities and share your discoveries and you could win a free 90 minute consultation.

Put your feet up. Grab some popcorn. Turn on your computer or TV Youtube channel (hard to watch on a phone screen to get maximum impact) and Enjoy!