Raise the Vibration Together Tomorrow and Messages from Beyond

Yesterday we saw a beautiful coyote roaming in the heart of our city (Chicago) streets, out of place but bringing us a message. Coyotes often remind us mischief is at hand, the trickster. Pay attention.

Then later on a young raccoon with distemper was in our little backyard fish pond, in pain, bathing a wound. Remember we live in the heart of the city in a very simple but densely populated neighborhood. We stayed with it until it left to find a safe place to die. Raccoons are curious, and adapt creatively, offer us a sign of protection, shape-shifting and revealing whats under the mask…the secrets. My son sent me a cartoon that said raccoons always wear a mask, compulsively wash its hands and if you rearrange some of the letters of its name it spells corona.

And then…a baby bird fell out of its nest near my kitchen window. I think we may have saved that baby. I hope. I put it in a safe place, in a nest I had found, and watched its parents attend to it.

All in 24 hours. On the eve of the solstice. A powerful portal.
What do you think all this was telling me? I know I am paying attention!

Join the World Tomorrow

There is a video posted on social media. I couldn’t create the link to it for here but easy to google and Join. I just went to Sion Earth One Tribe. Billions of people will be meditating together from all around the world at 6pm Central time today, June 21st. Studies have shown that mass meditation/prayer brings forth deep change. Now is the time.

The portal is here. Let’s walk through it together.