New, New, New tips for entering 2021

I have always been compelled toward the beauty and possibilities of doorways and portals. Gates too. The photo depicted here is from an Iceland waterfall. Look what it is opening to, light and expansiveness and such possibilities. A perfect portal for 2021.

When I travel, I take so many photos of these openings, because they remind me to pause before entering and pause before exiting. What do I leave behind, what do I choose to take with me, and what do I move towards? Can I do this many times during a day? If I did, how would my life be refreshed?

Artists and architects understand the visual and aesthetic, even magical power of these thresholds, beyond their practicality. What do I bring forward from myself as I enter a new place, an old place, or even a conversation? Or in writing an email or a letter. Any communication is a portal as well. Am I clean of heart? Am I clear in my thinking? Not so much what do I want from outside of me, rather what do I want from myself?

Intention is not just about wishing for what we don’t have and think we want to manifest. Intention is very much about what I ask of myself to show up with, what personal resources I must draw upon to manifest.

Tip #1

I invite you to find a doorway in your home leading to outside and literally stand beneath it. This is a physical ritual; one we want every cell of your body to experience and remember. Not something we write in a journal and forget about.

Before you cross over, feel in your back what is behind you from 2020. What does it feel like on a sensory level? Is it heavy or dense? Or light and airy? No assumptions from the head, PLEASE. Feel into it. Now look outside and feel the front of your body. What lies ahead? What are the sensations? What emotions are associated?

Try to remember all your resources, all that you bring forth as you step over the threshold. Now do it! Walk through the doorway to 2021 with an open heart, a receptive and resourced YOU. Maybe you speak things out loud. Maybe you make promises. Maybe you trust your body knows without words.

“Let go of your expectations. The universe will do what it will. Sometimes your dreams will come true. Sometimes they won’t. Sometimes when you let go of a broken dream, another one gently takes its place. Be aware of what is, not what you would like to be taking place.” –Melody Beattie

I appreciate this quote. We are in collaboration with the Universe. Our little ego may not see which dream we are truly meant to manifest. We can engage in the dance of collaboration with the Universe and our true purpose and respond to its invitation with receptivity not rigidity. We can trust the flow is leading us exactly to where we are meant to be and we merely have to pay attention and engage. Now trust!

Tip #2

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future.” Steve Miller from Fly like an Eagle

I was meditating on the word NEW. NEW Year, NEW month, NEW moon, NEW day, NEW moment. Everything changes, of that we can be sure. With each NEW breath, each NEW is full of pure potential. Each day is a day of NEWness.

How did you spend your TIME today? In Newness, beginners mind, or in rewind and replay? You know you can choose. (This is the first blog I figured out how to use COLOR!!! Woohoo!)

Before you go to sleep each night for the next week, pause and ask yourself, “What was NEW today? Did I do something differently? Did I think differently?

Sometimes NEW is a shiny new penny and sometimes it could be a NEW challenge. Literally- What’s NEW?

Go to sleep, (waking up in the morning and going to sleep are both portals too!) and invite yourself to wake up with an intention to pay attention to what’s NEW. Such a different stance than scanning the day looking for what’s old and familiar, what stories we look for to confirm our bias around change. We tend to hold onto the status quo to stay comfy in our “stories.”


Below is a video reminder from 2020 of a ritual I do each year with my appointment book. I made this video last January. It’s quick. Give it a watch.