Isolation Tips from Outer Space and My Thanks

I have been dreaming of what it would be like to live through a winter in a frigid country, like beautiful Iceland, long before there was technology. You’d store up your food and heat supplies and hunker down for a long winter, almost completely isolated, neighbors being very far away.  Not easy to take in the beautiful outdoors where low temperatures, and blinding blizzards make it almost impossible. How many times throughout the history of humankind have we had to face and deal with scarcity, aloneness, and fear around our survival? When I ponder these realities, I realize how really thankful I am, even in the midst of this pandemic, and disconnection with friends and loved ones.

Fast forward to our present world where humans live on space stations, in a dangerous and claustrophobic environment. I wondered how they survive. Here is a link to a short, and valuable video from wonderful author and astronaut, Chris Hadfield. I think his tips are really applicable to these times.

How are you adapting? What are some tips you could share with us? Comments at the bottom of this post are most appreciated. For me walks in Nature, moving my body, organizing drawers, closets and shelves, and finding time for creativity, whenever possible, are my “go to” nourishing activities. And finding daily purpose. Even if it’s just reaching out to someone to offer a kind word. Or writing another blog.

So, as we approach Thanksgiving, even in our little pod, I must express gratitude, to all of you, my readers and friends, who open to my voice as I open to yours. There is much to be grateful for.

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  1. I’m watching The Crown on Netflix. I had sort of discontinued watching it quite awhile back so I am only on season 2.

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