Happy New Year! We ARE the Books We Must Read This Year…

When writing Beyond the Bookclub: We Are the Books We Must Read, the intention was a guide that would let any of us develop a deeper, kinder relationship with yourself. Inside you will also find all you need to create connected, reflective, and growth driven gatherings with friends, family, clients, or community.

So far the results have been fantastic. I’m energized and humbled by the events I’ve done and how many are endeavoring to make Beyond the Bookclub part of their New Year’s resolutions

Book Details

The two editions (paperback and hardcover) are in full color and include catalyzing essays, original artwork, experiential activities, workbook and journaling options, and lots of resources.

My invitation to your Inner Activist is to use this book to create gatherings of your own that take you beyond the bookclub experience.

I will sign all books, and let me know if you want copies personalized for gifts. I offer a special discount for orders of 5 or more (email me at ruthienergy@ruthienergy.com for bulk orders).