Community Vision Boarding with Yourself, your Family and Friends

I have been thinking about an easy way to use our creativity to be a force of positive change in our world. The creative force and visualization are powerful energetic partners.

I made a nature installation with my husband in my front yard dedicated to Inclusion, Equality, Anti-Racism, and Anti-Violence. Perhaps people who walk by can add a stone or nature object with a loving vision or prayer to build on this intention.

A group of people are working on a quilt for a baby, to welcome a new member of a world with love and collaboration. That got me envisioning about the collective love and energy going into this and how that might translate elsewhere toward world healing.

So, I was wondering about ways that all of us could make group vision boards around a kinder and more inclusive world. It would be easy. Some of you know I collaged my front door on both sides to be a vision board around what is brought into our home and what we want to send forth into the world.

So first you would need to gather people who resonate with your intention. Then all you need is scissors, magazines, glue, old pictures from calendars, words, objects and a clean slate or poster board. Also, a means of talking about the vision as a group with shared respect. We could do this creative collaborative activity with the people we live with or invite friends or family from afar to mail us images or words or art to include on the group board. Or each person could send images to each other creating many of these boards. The key is collaboration, sharing kind and just vision and embodying it.

I would love to hear what other ideas you have to accomplish the same goal: to unify a loving vision with others and make it tangible. Please reply to this newsletter below with your own inspired projects and proposals.

We CAN make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Community Vision Boarding with Yourself, your Family and Friends”

  1. Thank you, Ruthie; how beautiful! What a lovely shared mission/venture/joyful, creative experience that can be a voice for love and change! Through Zoom, a document can be shared and worked on by multiple people who might not be physically near each other. Perhaps friends and family could create a Word document together pasting images they’ve collected online or scanned into their computer, along with typed words, and each person could then print it out (a large document can be printed out in sections (tiling).

    I’ll be proposing this to my friends and family around the country! I’ll let you know how it goes! Thank you dear heart, for all the support, love, kindness, creativity, curiosity, and wisdom you share with the world – daily!

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