These days I am looking for things to lift me up. Vibrant colors can do this for me.

As I look out the window at this gray and white snowy day, I feel a heaviness. Certainly, I see its beauty as the snowflakes fall gently, soft and pure white. At the same time my energy feels gray and flat. Sometimes that is just the right way for me to feel and I do try to have no preference.

Still, with all the loss and the sick-ness, the costs of this pandemic on our whole being, and the deep conflicts we see in our country that take its toll emotionally, physically and psychologically, I see how the outer world is definitely reflecting my inner world today.

Then all of a sudden two bright red cardinals appear on my pine trees, landing with grace and vibrancy. I can feel a shift immediately in my mood and in my body. My eyes stay focused on these two red dots with deep gratitude. They fly toward me and land on the telephone wire closer to me. They stand out against the dull backdrop with hope and possibility.

And I think of color.

Color creates a visceral and energetic response throughout my whole being. Every color has it effect and potency on my mood. If I am wanting to feel soothed, I seek out water colors, yummy turquoise and blues. If I am wanting grounding I reach for browns, rusts, and mossy forest greens. If I am yearning for passion and fiery buoyancy I turn towards bright yellows, oranges and reds. If I am feeling a need for self-confidence, I get out my purple glasses and look for a matching outfit.

I can find these colors in my closet. I can adorn myself with gemstone jewelry that I make myself, with the variety of colors they bring, as I assess my morning palette hunger. What color do I need today? What will feed me?

I speak often of intention in my writing. So today I invite intention around color. Be intentional about color as an experiment. Surprise yourself and see what you discover.

And while you’re at it, if you haven’t played with finger paints recently, I highly recommend it. Order it online. Get a little messy if you dare. Bathe your hands in color and smear it on a miserable piece of paper. Throw control and product to the winds. This color project is solely for your soul!!!